Über die Bedeutung der Details

Hier ein beeindruckendes Beispiel dafür, was Maßrahmenbauer antreibt, aus einer ganz persönlichen Perspektive von Dave Kirk:

Details that is – do they really matter?
I think many would argue that no, they don’t. I think some would say that all the fussing over the details borders on fetish and that too many people concern themselves with the minutia of framebuilding to the detriment of the big picture. I suppose for some that could be true.

At the same time, to me, the details are immensely important. I love the details. They are what I focus on once the big picture, important stuff is in the rear view mirror. In fact if I wasn’t allowed to fuss over the details then I think I’d find another line of work. The work just wouldn’t be interesting enough and the focus shifts from making the bike in the vice just right to getting the bike in the the vice out the door so the next one can be started as soon as possible. I feel the strong need to live and work in the moment and to not be thinking about getting this one done so I can start the next – and so on. It’s zen-like I suppose this ‘work in the moment’ deal, and for me it’s very satisfying.

I’ve had builders and customers alike ask me why I fuss over things that no one will ever see. Why do I concern myself with the tightness of a tube mitre or the straightness of a pair of water bottle bosses? Why worry about getting lugs lines as crisp as possible when they will only be covered by paint and the customer will not see them? Why spend so much time doing this stuff when in the end it doesn’t ‘matter’? Well to be blunt I don’t do it for my customers – I do it for me. Selfish I know but there you go. I do it purely for my own enjoyment and it keeps me excited to walk up to the bench after over 22 years. Knowing the bike is as good as possible in every way before I send it out the door makes me smile and feel proud of the work. I work toward making each bike as good as possible and then making the next one better still. I know that I could make more money if I changed the way I do things but I also know I would enjoy it all less. It’s not worth it to me in the long run.

So to answer my own question……….. do the details matter? Yes, to me they do. I hope they do to you too and that you understand.

Thanks for indulging me.

(You’re welcome Dave, Anm. d. Red.)

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